Sealing Jaws

A meticulously designed and aligned sealing jaw improves the efficiency of your production line. At Southwest Formseal, we design, manufacture, and recondition sealing jaws for all brands of packaging machines.

Sealing your product and your profits

Our jaws are designed using computer-aided technology, then transferred directly to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment where computer-controlled machines make the best endseals in the industry. Whether you need a sealing jaw designed or existing equipment reconditioned, our Composite Plating Process (CPP) gives you the perfect seal, improving hardness, film release, and corrosion resistance. Our sealing serration patterns are available in fine, medium, coarse, and sinusoidal, with multiple tooth pattern configurations.



  • Tear Notches
  • Hole Punches
  • Heaters
  • Knives
  • Heat Pipes
  • Codate

Stand Up Pouches Made Easy With EZ-Stand

Create stand-up bags on a vertical form, fill, and seal bagger (VFFS). Southwest Formseal is the industry expert in EZ-Stand technology and a licensed designer and manufacturer of this patented sealing jaw design.

Consistent components

We offer a wide variety of options for knives, heaters, and punches to complete your sealing jaw process. Maintain the strength and reliability of each sealed package with options that improve your production line and profitability.

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