Upgrade your vertical form, fill, and seal bagger (VFFS) to create attention-grabbing stand-up bags with EZ-Stand. Specially configured film and a set of EZ-Stand sealing jaws will transform your standard pillow pack to a high-impact package

Minimal investment, maximum benefits

Southwest Formseal is licensed to design and manufacture sealing jaws for the patented design by Inno-flex Inc. This non-permanent change to your baggers allows for higher production speeds and multiple customization options. Generate bags from 4 to 14 inches wide with recloseable zippers, hole punches, tear notches, or laser scoring at a faster return on your investment than a pouch-making machine.


Simple installation

EZ-Stand incorporates a unique U-shaped bottom gusset panel applied to the film web that produces a stand-up pouch during the sealing operation. Operators of all skill and experience levels can produce attractive EZ-Stand stand-up pillow packs with minimal training by changing to the specially designed film and EZ-Stand sealing jaws.

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