Tear Notches, Knives, Heaters, Punches and more

Durable and precise tear notches, knives, heaters punches and more are essential to finishing your package to protect the product and make certain the bags function as intended.

Tear Notch

At Southwest Formseal, we offer a tear notch option for easy-open packages. A tear notch can be incorporated into existing endseals with no alteration to your packaging machinery.


We carry an array of superior knives and anvils made of the highest quality steel for your exact applications. Options include:

  • Serrated
  • Scalloped
  • Beveled
  • Straight
  • Diagonal
  • Smooth cut
  • Zig-zag


Consistent, controlled heat is crucial for ensuring the integrity of your packaging. We are a full-service provider of heaters for your sealing jaw components.


Whether you require a mechanical punch or a heated punch for tougher packaging films, Southwest Formseal works closely with you to be sure you have the right hole punch system that works with the films and materials specific to your assembly process.

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