Forming Collars

Forming Collars Shape the Success of Your Products

At Southwest Formseal, we’re experts in designing forming collars with superior film tracking, balance, and product transfer speeds. We understand that your package must be robust enough to protect your product, providing a seal to eliminate exposure and track through the bagger with agility at top speeds.

Design and configuration

Our 3D computer-aided design approach (CAD) is simply the beginning of our process. And because quality packaging is essential for your business, we manufacture a variety of types to fit your specific needs. View a list of configuration types to see which one meets your requirements.


Forming collars that last

Do your forming collars wear out? Our assemblies are built to last. We offer coating solutions for any wear issue you may be experiencing—sticking issues, abrasives films, FDA-compliance and more. Feel free to contact us with any concerns.

LITEVANTAGE® technology

All Southwest Formseal forming collar assemblies allow you to package efficiently, keeping your assembly line moving, but our LITEVANTAGE® formers provide additional savings for your workplace using advanced technology to lighten your load.

Southwest Formseal has a commitment to quality. Our team’s specialized talent and extensive experience enable us to construct packaging components quickly and cost-effectively.


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