Forming Collars with LITEVANTAGE®

At Southwest Formseal, our expertise in design and fabrication allows you to package products efficiently, but we can also help you save on other workplace expenses. Lifting injuries are a major problem in the workplace, causing employees severe pain and resulting in expensive medical bills.

Lightening your load and your bottom line

Between lost productivity and Workers’ Compensation claims, the costs add up. Traditional forming collars often weigh more than 70 pounds—that’s why we offer a solution we call LITEVANTAGE®. These formers use advanced manufacturing techniques and high-tech materials to eliminate up to 60% of the weight of a traditional former while maintaining the stiffness and durability of a much heavier collar.

LITEVANTAGE® formers help prevent lifting injuries and allow you to install and align forming collar assemblies more quickly, with less manpower. Less downtime, fewer injury-related expenses cutting into your bottom line, and a more cost-effective installation all add up to a more profitable packaging process.


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