Get your worn equipment back on track

From the moment we partner with your business, we’re determined to help your production line run as productively and profitably as possible. Worn or damaged equipment can cost you money in damaged products and lost production time.

Make the most of your investment

Ask about our reconditioning services for both forming collars and sealing jaws. We can craft them like new, yielding you substantial cost savings. A set of jaws can be reconditioned for only 50% to 60% of the cost of a new set. Southwest Formseal can also remove broken screws, and stuck heaters, and repair damaged serrations. Jaws can typically be reconditioned up to three times before a new replacement is necessary—that’s a saving that can add up fast.


Composite Plating Process (CPP)

All our jaws, including our reconditioned projects, are coated using our proprietary CPP. This application offers superior hardness for long life and anti-stick properties for trouble-free film release. Our process mechanically locks the coating compounds to the endseal, providing a surface that will not flake, chip, or peel off. The dense, non-porous coating prevents build-up of mold and bacteria and does not contaminate the packaged product.

Reach Out

Contact us for a quote on reconditioning or new equipment.