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The shape of things to come

Your industry is changing at lightning speed. New technologies, materials, and environmental regulations are reshaping everything – including your product packaging. For more than thirty years, Southwest Formseal has been providing clients like you with the industry’s finest sealing jaws, endseals, crimpers, knives, and heaters. We’ve now added forming collar assemblies to
our product line-up, so that we can indeed “put it all together for you” with solutions you can rely
on every day.

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At Southwest Formseal, our team is well-prepared for your packaging challenge, no matter how simple or complex it may be. We employ an array of computer-aided design technologies and processes we’ve polished over years of experience. Equally important is our emphasis on creativity, on thinking outside the bag to arrive at the most practical and efficient solutions for your specific needs.



Our concentration of specialized talent and experience enables us to fabricate packaging components quickly and cost effectively. The simple truth is that forming collars and sealing jaws are our core business. And to underscore our commitment to quality, we also stand behind each of our products with a full, no-questions-asked guarantee.



From the moment your project comes to us, we are focused on providing you with competitive advantages. From design, to fabrication, to delivery and ultimately to reconditioning.

By returning your worn or damaged sealing jaws and formers to their original specifications, we can help you save up to 50 percent over the cost of replacement. All reconditioned jaws feature our proprietary CPP coating. And, because anything that interrupts production means lost revenue for you, we are intensely aware of the importance of reacting quickly to help you get back on track.

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